Trivia Round Ideas


In the absence of traditional trivia nights our lives do not have to be completely trivia-less. Check out QuizNightHQ’s guide to Isolation Trivia + Games. It contains plenty of ideas to get your friends, family and workplaces engaged in an online quiz night or online video fun.


  1. Ideas for Trivia Rounds
  2. Ideas for Table Questions
  3. Worded Table Questions Ideas
  4. Ideas for Whole Trivia Quiz Night Themes
  5. Trivia Question Ideas
    • Funny / Entertaining Ideas
    • General Knowledge
    • Film & TV
    • Entertainment
    • Music
    • Sport
    • Audio
    • Video

Ideas for Trivia Rounds

These are your traditional Trivia Question Rounds. Quizmaster asks the question – teams record their responses and hand in their sheet at the end of the round. Here’s some suggestions for round themes.

  • Sport
  • Movies
  • TV
  • TV & Movies
  • Music
    • Can be more specific – e.g. 70s/Film/Rock etc.
  • Entertainment
  • General Knowledge
    • When running a Quiz Night with only four rounds of trivia General Knowledge can be a good one to cover the other areas of interest.
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Literature
  • Back to School
  • Flags of the world
  • Famous sound effects
  • Specific to your local area
  • Specific to your club/organisation

Ideas for Picture Table Questions

These are the visual handouts that teams have a round or so to complete. It can be run concurrently with a traditional Trivia Question Round or on it’s own as the trivia round itself. See below for suggestions on Table Question Rounds you can create yourself or find all ready to go in the comprehensive collection at the Quiz Night HQ Marketplace.

Worded Table Questions Ideas

Ideas for Whole Trivia Quiz Night Themes

Trivia Question Ideas

Funny/Entertaining Ideas

  • Funny TV Commercial – Show a portion of the video and then ask what it’s advertising…
  • Entertaining Photoshopped Images – for example Googling ‘movie face swap’ and asking for the names of the actors in the image creates a good laugh and interesting question
  • Comedy of Errors – Find a video of a recent gaffe from a politician or celebrity and ask a relevant question

General Knowledge

  • Name the country from its flag
  • Name the country from its map
  • Name the artist from the painting
  • Name the painting
  • Name the author/title from the book cover
  • Give a series of clues to name the year
  • Maths problem
  • Spelling of a word – e.g. diarrhea (note: there are variations of the spelling of diarrhea)
  • Political leaders
  • Currencies from around the world

Film & TV

  • Name the film/actor/character from the quote (can be audio)
  • Name the film/actor/character from the visual cue
  • Name the film from the poster
  • Name the film/TV show from its theme song


  • Advertisement taglines
  • TV Commercials – name the product or company


  • Play a portion of a song and when the song stops write down the next line of lyrics
  • Name the artist
  • Name the song
  • Edit and play 10 (or so) songs back-to-back and get tables to name all ten songs
  • Name the album from its cover
  • Which song contains the lyrics…
  • Name the original artist from the cover version
  • Play a music video clip with no sound and name the song/artist


  • Sporting club logos
  • Famous sportsperson
  • Famous sportsperson caricature

Audio Questions

  • Sound effects
  • Quotes

Video Questions

  • Movie re-enactments

Comment with your own ideas or any rounds that you have successfully run yourself…