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Quiz Night HQ? is the culmination of a decade’s worth of playing, refining and perfecting the running of a Quiz Night.

How much trivia do I need? What games should I play? What games / competitions bring in the most money while also keeping the crowd entertained? All these questions are answered within QuizNightHQ’s comprehensive Guides.

The Creator is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step checklist for planning and running a wildly enjoyable trivia event.

In the Marketplace, you will also find all the Trivia Rounds and Table Questions (picture rounds and text rounds) you need to make your Quiz Night an enjoyable and successful event.

Please leave a comment on how you’ve used our ideas in the Guides and, if these guides have inspired you, leave a suggestion.

Pixar Movies

Love Pixar? We sure do. Now, you can test your friends’ knowledge of all the best Pixar movies, characters and plot lines. Who was Lightning McQueen’s best friend in the movie “Cars”? Hmmmm??

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