Quarantine Isolation Games – Trivia, Quizzes & Interactive Fun


  1. Intro
  2. Game Ideas
    1. Warm-ups
    2. Trivia Picture Rounds
    3. Trivia Q&A Rounds
    4. Isolation Scavenger Hunt
    5. WikiGolf
    6. Subjective Trivia
    7. Scattergories ONLINE
    8. Questions of the Gang
    9. Pictionary
    10. Charades

Don't be bored over the holidays > Spangdahlem Air Base > Article ...Ah, Corona Virus (COVID-19) … what a pain you are! But QuizNightHQ is here to help you get through social distancing. Let’s get through the monotony of a day!

In these challenging times, it’s socialising that we often miss most. It’s also worth noting that completely denigrating a fellow competitor during a quiz night is also sorely missed in isolation

Well, do not fear! There are so many ways we can still connect and even create some healthy competition. See here for ways that you can get together with your friends and run a quiz / games night socially online.

Perhaps you want to run a family quiz night? Or maybe you have to lead your office in a video conference team building activity? You may even just be into an isolated trivia challenge? Well – read ahead for some ideas on how you can stay connected with others and play some great games during these isolated times.


Zoom is a fantastic video conferencing tool that many people will already be using for work at home. There are other platforms including Webex, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and more … They allow you to see everyone’s faces at once. The host can also share their screen or set it so EVERYONE can share their screen – very handy for some of the games suggested here.

Once you have set up a meeting (party) time and invited everyone you have plenty of fun! See below for creative and fun ways to use these platforms.

Quarantine / Isolation Game Ideas

Once you have a scheduled meeting play some of these games! Fun for everyone involved.

1. Warm-ups

  1. Each person must find a GIF online that best represents their day so far.
  2. Using the whiteboard function in Zoom (or any similar digital drawing tools) draw a self-portrait.
  3. Each person plays the first 5 – 10 seconds of a song that best represents their day / week and everyone has to guess what the song is from that snippet.

2. Trivia Picture Rounds

This is a perfect 5 – 10 minute ice breaker / team building game for your workplace.

See QuizNightHQ’s Marketplace for rounds that are perfect for isolation games. These can be sorted by the filters on the right hand side of the page. Just select ‘Online – Social Games’. Or head straight to the page via this link. These products are ideal as they are much more difficult to cheat. You have to know the answer to be able to search for the answer online.

Start by sharing the file on the host’s screen for everyone to see. Then when running the trivia you can do it a number of ways:

  1. People create a word doc and write the numbers down, filling in the answers as they go.
  2. Use the chat feature
  3. Create a Google doc so people can fill out the answers.
  4. The host simply shares the screen of the File and people say the answers

3. Trivia Q&A Rounds

Just classic trivia! Host asks questions, everyone records their responses. At the end of a round the host reads aloud the answers and the obnoxious participants shout “Yessssssssssss” after each answer. People keep track of their own scores as the rounds go on.

Requires a bit of trust – but hey! we’re family or friends or coworkers or distant acquaintances …

4. Isolation Scavenger Hunt

A little more movement involved in this one and it forces people to have to interact with their environment. A fun one that no one can cheat at!


Using a Scattergories Dice or website letter spinner identify the letter that will be used for that round. Select a round from below and everyone has a limited amount of time to go and find the items beginning with that letter. At the end of the timer go through the list and get each person to prove their item that matches the letter. You get a point for each item you have that no one else has too. The item must be unique from anyone else’s to earn a point. Double points if the item has double letters e.g. book by

Starting with the letter _, find these items:


  1. Book titled …
  2. Something from the kitchen
  3. Article of clothing
  4. Something blue
  5. Something you can drink


  1. Toy
  2. Something you can eat
  3. Something bigger than your head
  4. Something from the bathroom
  5. DVD / BluRay titled …


  1. Toy
  2. Something you can eat
  3. Something from the bedroom
  4. Book written by author starting with …
  5. Something you wear

Alternatively run a round that doesn’t have to start with a certain letter. More of a round to entertain – perhaps points are given to more entertaining items.


  1. Something you have at your house that no one else would own
  2. Something you hate
  3. Worst photo you have
  4. Worst article of clothing that you regularly wear

Alternatively, again run a round that is a direct competition. This round goes to a vote. Everyone finds the same thing and you vote on who meets the criteria the best.


Who has the:

  1. Worst titled book you own
  2. Biggest ring of keys
  3. Ugliest item of clothing
  4. Best fancy dress costume
  5. Most embarrassing DVD / BluRay you own

5. WikiGolf


Get everyone to share their screens. Everyone has to go to the Wikipedia main page.

  1. Someone suggests a word / person / place.
  2. You can move through pages by selecting links on the page.
  3. You can’t select back.
  4. The first person to land on the page that is titled the suggested word wins!
  5. Everyone starts the next round from that page or everyone returns to the main page.
  6. The winner suggests the next article title.

6. Subjective Trivia

This is a fun, interactive game that has different results every time!


  1. Ask a question that could result in multiple answers e.g. Who played the best James Bond?
  2. You have to answer the question, not with what you think is correct but what you think most people will answer …
  3. The winners are those that wrote the answer that most people wrote down.

7. Scattergories ONLINEThe ybz guy gardens

A favourite at board game nights as you have to find an answer that no one


  1. One person shares their screen with a copy of one of the cards.
  2. Each team has until the timer ends to complete the questions on the card as best they can.
  3. You only get a point when your answer is unique and no one else wrote that answer down.

8. Questions of the Gang

Ask miscellaneous questions and vote on who has the best answer. See here for some examples:

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you ate today?
  2. What’s the oddest thing you said to one of your children today?
  3. Strangest website you’ve ended up at over the past 24hours.
  4. Most interesting thing you’ve learned in the past 24hours while wasting time online.


  1. One person poses a question.
  2. Every records their answer somewhere on a device or piece of paper.
  3. One at a time each person shares their response.
  4. Vote as to which is the winner

9. Pictionary

The classic game brought to life online

Pencil,pen,orange,red,eraser - free image from needpix.comHOW TO PLAY

  1. Depending on numbers you may like to allocate teams.
  2. One person is selected to be the drawer.
  3. In Zoom there is a whiteboard function in the Share Screen tool so this is perfect. However, if using another tool you could use paper and pens held up to the camera.
  4. Use a word generator website or list of words. There’s even some apps out there that do the same thing.
  5. The drawer draws and the guessers guess.


The classic game brought to life online.


  1. Depending on numbers you may like to allocate teams.
  2. One person is selected to be the performer.
  3. For a fun spin, the performer has to act out something they did that day.
  4. Or use this terrific word generator website.